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2 time-zapping habits, all business owners should avoid

Is your to-do list building up and you’re finding however many hours you work, you just can’t keep up?

Here are two of the main time-zapping habits that could be holding you back from reaching your goals.

1) Poor planning

Being disorganised and not having a clear plan of action, can lead to a lack of action and focus.

Spending time focusing on your yearly, monthly and weekly goals will make you much more likely to reach your goals.

Here are some of our favourite productivity tools:

Trello – A visual tool for project management, task tracking or managing workflow

TaskPaper – Great for plain text, to-do lists

Toggl Track – Time tracking. It’s a great way to learn how long things actually take you and can help keep you focused on tasks

Slack – For communicating with teams and managing comms around projects and tasks

2) Not delegating

Trying to do it all, seldom works, and over time it’s likely that you’ll find things will bottleneck and you’ll find it hard to be able to focus on the high-value tasks you need to.

Here are some of the things you can delegate:

- Email management

- Travel research and bookings

- Client management

- HR

- Personal support

- Expense management

If you’re finding that you’re working ridiculous hours a day and still not making progress, put aside some time to get organised and look at your delegation.

Drop Emilia a note ( to discuss how you can get back control of your day.

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