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3 controversial ways to get ahead of your week

The internet is full of top ways to be productive and videos of people living their best aesthetic life as business owners…happily ticking things off their to-do lists with beautiful gel pens and having the perfect work-life balance.

Whilst I’ll keep my option to myself on whether I think that’s an accurate description of real life, I thought I’d share my top 3 controversial ways to get ahead of your week…that work:

Under promise

We often want to please people and make them happy by saying yes and underestimating our workload and priorities.

Only to regret it, as the over-ambitious deadline looms closer.

Under-promising and over-delivering takes the pressure off and will give you a fighting chance to deliver the work and not disappoint.

Plus, the bonus is that if you under-promise, it’s likely you will be able to exceed people's expectations…winning!

Work offline

There are an unbelievable amount of opportunities to be distracted in a working day.

Whilst the internet is an amazing invention it can also be a huge drain on our energy and time.

Not to mention that we feel like we should always be online and respond to things immediately.

Working offline for a few hours a day can help to keep us focused on our priorities and minimise distractions.

Put your Out Of Office (OOO) on

Manage people's expectations by putting your OOO on and letting people know when you’re checking emails and when they should expect to receive a response by.

This should help you not feel the need to respond straight away and reduce the chance of chaser emails!

Drop me an email at to discuss other ways you can get ahead of your week.

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