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3 surprising side effects of working with a Virtual Assistant

By now, most people have heard that working with a Virtual Assistant can save you time and money, however in our nearly 6 years of supporting CEOs, Entrepreneurs and HNWIs, here are 3 surprising side effects that our clients have reported.

1. Reduction of decision fatigue

We’ve found that business owners often say that they get to the point of major decision fatigue, and they end up procrastinating even the simplest of tasks because they are done with making decisions.

When you work with the right Virtual Assistant, they should be able to take some of these burdens from you and in some cases even help you with some elements of decision-making.

2. Improved relationships

One reason why lots of business owners decide to work with a Virtual Assistant is that they’d like more time with their friends and family and a better work-life balance.

Once our clients start working with us, they find they have more time and headspace to commit quality time to their friends, family, employees, clients and even for themselves.

3. Cross-pollination

If you work with a Virtual Assistant who supports clients in different industries, you’ll probably find that they suggest different processes and systems that have worked for companies in different industries.

Our clients are often open to new suggestions and learning from other industries is always a win.

Drop Emilia an email at to chat through other unexpected benefits of working with a Virtual Assistant.

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