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3 things you can outsource to a Virtual Assistant today

Deciding what work to give your Virtual Assistant (VA) can be overwhelming.

It can take an adjustment to consistently delegate work and feel comfortable with someone else doing the work that you have done for a long time.

Here are 3 things that you can delegate to your VA, with ease:


An easy one to delegate is to ask your VA to research things for you and then present the results to you.

Your VA can research most things like:

· Gift research (personal or corporate)

· Travel research

· Venue research

· Background information on people you may be meeting or hiring etc

· Lead generation

· SEO & Keyword research

· Software and system research

Pro-top: Make sure that you communicate how long you think it should take/how long you’d like them to spend on the task.

'To-do' list creation or management

Your VA can either create your to-do list for you, if you don’t have one. Or if you have, they can tidy it up, action and manage things on it.

Restaurant research & booking

Have you ever found yourself trying to book a restaurant last minute because you’ve just realized that you had forgotten to book anything?

Your VA can research and book your fave restaurants well ahead of time.

Drop Emilia an email at to discuss what else you can delegate to your VA.

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