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4 mistakes to avoid when working with a Virtual Assistant

Working with the right Virtual Assistant (VA) can be incredibly rewarding. Having a reliable efficient assistant who can take responsibility for tasks, keep things moving and take things off your plate, so you can focus on what you need to, can be a total game changer.

Like with many things, it takes a level of commitment to ensure you get the most out of your Virtual Assistant to ensure long-term success.

Here are 4 things to avoid when working with a Virtual Assistant:

1) Micromanaging

If you work with the right Virtual Assistant, they should have the skills and experience to complete tasks with minimum supervision, reaching out to you to update you and ask questions if they need to.

Your VA should be proactive and an excellent communicator. If you are feeling nervous or like you’re left in the dark, then perhaps you’re not working with the right VA.

2) Not clarifying tasks

Whilst a good VA should be able to read between the lines, if you’re not clear on exactly what you need help with, it makes it tricky for them to be able to deliver.

Having clarity on what the end goal or motivation is, will make it much easier for your Virtual Assistant to be efficient and deliver the best results for you.

Depending on the tasks, they should know how to do the actual work, so you can keep the task high level, focusing on the result and the why.

3) Being unclear on priorities

Your Virtual Assistant will usually prioritise work with what they think makes logical sense, however, if you have particular priorities, it’s important to communicate that to your VA so they can ensure they are aligned.

Having regular catchups to chat through your general monthly/annual priorities can help also.

4) Ghosting

Business owners can be very time-poor, however, ghosting is one of the biggest things that can have a negative effect on your relationship with your Virtual Assistant.

Even if it’s a short WhatsApp, try and keep your VA in the loop.

Working with a Virtual Assistant should save you time and money, so investing time in building a solid relationship with your Virtual Assistant, should pay off in the end.

Drop Emilia a message at to discuss how you can ensure the success of Virtual Assistant.

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