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5 hacks for instant productivity

We all have times when we start our week or day with good intentions, only to sit at our computers feeling super demotivated and distracted.

Here are our top 5 tried and tested tricks for instant productivity:

1. Clear workspace

Before you do anything, get your workspace in order. Clear anything that doesn't serve you, and make your space comfortable and relaxing. Working in a clear environment will help to increase your focus, and help to reduce your stress.

2. Move your body

Gently exercising like stretching, yoga or walking can help to reduce stress, improve your general well-being and help you feel more energised and focused.

If you move your body before working, it’s likely you’ll feel more efficient and ready to smash your work!

3. Listen

Listening to the right playlists can help make things feel either more enjoyable or keep you focused.

Select your audio wisely. Decide if you need to be motivated and energised, or if you need to be focused and undistracted.

Songs without words or binaural beats are great for deep focus.

4. Turn off distractions

If you don’t need it to do your task, ditch it. Work offline if you can, put your phone in another room so you’re not tempted, close your emails and set a timer so you know when you can take a break.

It’s surprising how much we can get done without distractions!

5. Define your top 3 priorities for the day

Stop trying to do it all.

When we set ourselves up to complete everything on our to-do list, we set ourselves up for failure.

Instead, set yourself 2-3 priorities for the day. Then prioritise the thing you want to do the least, first.

Staying productive takes discipline and commitment to our goals and outcome.

Drop Emilia an email at to learn how else you can be productive.

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