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6 vital questions to ask a Virtual Assistant (VA) before you work with them (save for later)

Choosing to work with a VA is a big step in your business. There are a lot of VAs out there, so how do you know who the right VA is, for your business?

Here’s a list of questions to ask your potential VA/VA agency:

1) What does your ideal working day look like?

Understanding what your VA's priorities are and how they like to work, will help you understand if it’s aligned with your working day and needs

2) What happens if you’re on holiday or off sick?

Sometimes life happens, so making sure that your VA has a contingency/plan B, to ensure that you’re still supported is vital, so ask them what their plan is

3) How do you determine if you’re supporting clients well?

This question will not only help you learn what good looks like to them but it will also help you learn if customer service and good practice are on their radar and important (which it needs to be)

4) What capacity do you have/what if I need more hours?

While some VAs wear being at capacity as a badge of honour, being maxed out, is not good and won’t help you if you need more help over time. Having a VA who has a bit of flexibility or another team member to help you when you need it, will ensure that you can work together long-term, as you grow and scale

5) What do you dislike doing?

This is an important one. Most VAs will be honest about this, so ask them outright to learn what they don’t like doing. If they list all the things you need help with, maybe they aren’t for you!

6) How do you like to communicate?

Another important one! If you work best by talking things through on a phone call and they only like to communicate through Slack or emails, then it’s best to know this in advance.

There are many VAs out there and the right one is out there for you.

Drop me an email at to learn how you can find the best VA for you.

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