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Diary disasters. 6 things you can do today, to free up your time

Sound familiar?…

  1. You feel like your diary is running you and you’re a slave to meetings

  2. You have no time to do any actual work, as you’re in and out of Zoom/Teams meetings, fulfilling other people’s priorities

  3. You start the week with good intentions, but everyone wants your time

  4. You don’t see the value of the meetings and leave them feeling that nothing was achieved, or you didn’t need to be there

  5. You have no time to think or to do anything as your back into another call before you know it

  6. You’re resenting people asking for your time

We get it. Whilst meetings can be productive and valuable, they can also be a huge time-zapper and incredibly unproductive.

Here are 6 things you can do today, to free up some time and take the pressure off:

1. Ask for a clear agenda before anything is confirmed in your diary

2. Block out days/time in your diary as non-negotiable, meeting-free time

3. Make sure you add a buffer into your day for meeting prep/actions/breaks!

4. Look at your diary to see what meetings can be removed or time reduced

5. Be realistic! Schedule meetings for a time that works for you, when you are at your most productive and least distracted

6. Be disciplined!

Looking for extra advice and support on staying on top of your diary?

Get in touch with Emilia at to chat through some solutions

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