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How can a Virtual Assistant help my business?

Most people have heard of a Virtual Assistant, but what do they actually do and how can they help your business?

Here are 5 ways a Virtual Assistant can help you in your business:

1) Diary management

· Scheduling business and personal meetings/appointments

· Gatekeeping and protecting your time

· Rescheduling of meetings

· Managing the family calendar

2) Email management

· Responding to emails

· Forwarding emails to the correct people

· Setting rules

· Filing emails

· Flagging important emails and keeping on top of inbox

3) Travel co-ordination

· Travel and accommodation research for business and personal

· Visa management

4) Business support

· Managing new business enquiries

· Formatting business documents

· Creating and sending invoices

· Assisting with business development

· Managing podcasts

· Scheduling social media posts

· Project management

· Document management

· Proofreading and editing documents

5) Lifestyle support

· Restaurant reservations

· Making purchases

· Research and organising gifts

· Booking medical/personal appointments

· Paying personal bills

The above are just a few things that a Virtual Assistant can do for you and your business.

Drop Emilia a note ( to chat through how a Virtual Assistant can help you.

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