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The future of Virtual Assistants

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

With the arrival of the C word this year, every person and business have faced uncertain times, to some degree.

While we adjust to the ‘new norm’, here’s the top 3 reasons why Virtual Assistants are becoming more in demand than ever:

1) Value: You just pay for the time that they work on your business. No additional holiday, maternity/paternity costs or NI. Just the time they are productive

2) Flexible: In such uncertain times, having a team that is flexible and can work more or less hours in a month, depending on your requirements, is vital for the stability of your business

3) Experts at remote working: Moving away from traditional office-based working? Virtual Assistants are remote experts. They know the best tools and apps to optimise remote working

We’d love to chat about other ways VA’s are helping businesses this year.

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