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Top 5 tips to get the most value from a Virtual Assistant

Do you like the idea of taking on a Virtual Assistant (VA), but worry that you won’t have the time to delegate?

Or the idea of working with a VA is new to you and you’re unsure of how to get started?

A VA can help to streamline processes and free up your time by taking on tasks that you or your team are too busy or don’t have the headspace for.

Here are our top tips for working with a VA,to give you the best value and make the most of their time.

1. On-board

While a good VA will be able to hit the ground running, it’s helpful to include a short induction process, just like you would for an internal employee. Put aside some time at the start to share key details such as your processes, and key contacts etc.

You’ll also need to provide your VA with appropriate access and information, so put together a list of login details and make sure that your VA has access to any files, applications, folders, card details etc, that they may need.

2. Define objectives

Clearly defining not just the mechanics of a task, but also the overall goal, will help your VA to deliver exactly what you need. So make sure to brief them on the following…

· What problem are you trying to solve?

· What's the task/desired result?

· What do they need to know to complete the task?

· How should they communicate with you and when?

· When does the task need to be completed by?

3. Communicate

Clear communication is the key to getting the most from your VA. By being available to answer quick questions, you help your VA to deliver your tasks quickly and efficiently.

Agree on a way to communicate that works for you, it doesn’t need to be formal, WhatsApp and Slack can be great for a quick updates.

4. Catch Up regularly

Regular catch-ups outside of communicating daily tasks are beneficial for both you and your VA.

Discussing what your goals and most pressing needs are will help your assistant know what to prioritise and flag with you.

It's also a great opportunity to provide feedback. Let your VA know what is and isn't working for you. Everyone likes to work differently, and by offering constructive feedback you give them the opportunity to fine tune their working style to fit with you, therefore getting the most value from your VA.

5. Avoid Micro Managing

If you’ve followed all of the steps above, an experienced Virtual Assistant will be able to deliver, so do make an effort to avoid micromanaging them.

Try and stick to your agreed checkpoints or milestones. Chasing up, or changing scope throughout a task, can be distracting and time consuming for a VA and can end up adding unnecessary time onto a task.

By spending a little time delegating to your VA, you can free up lots of time in the long run, allowing you to focus on what you do best.

Want to learn more about how to get the best value from your VA?

Get in touch with us - contact our Founder and experienced VA/PA, Emilia at

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