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Why outsource when you can do it quicker yourself?

Have you often thought about outsourcing work to a Virtual Assistant but every time you look at what you could outsource, you feel like it’s quicker and easier to do things yourself?

Here are 3 ways you can ensure that outsourcing works well and actually saves you time in the long run.

1) Communicate the goal

Instead of giving your VA a task, let them know what the actual objective and outcome should be.

This will help them understand the bigger picture and should help them work out the best approach for the task (whilst reducing questions and potential mistakes)

2) Give your VA, ownership

Everyone knows that micromanaging doesn’t work, however, the key to successfully delegating, is giving your VA ownership of tasks. They need to understand what they are accountable and responsible for and what they are not. This will also help them not to make any incorrect assumptions

3) Manage their expectations

Let your VA know what your expectations are when they can come to you with questions and what they can ask you. Sometimes a VA will avoid asking questions or will ask loads of questions because they’re not sure what the client wants and how they want to work.

Working with a Virtual Assistant is a long-term solution and whilst some clients find that their workload reduces instantly, for others it takes a month or so to get settled in.

Drop Emilia an email at to discuss how you can make outsourcing work for you.

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